Many couples are adding an extra party to their wedding – a Morning After Brunch. This is another great time to get your family together.

These parties are perfect for getting some extra photos of your family while they’re all together. It’s also a nice way for you and your new husband to enjoy being husband and wife in the company of those closest to you.

You might not have had a chance to say hello to everyone during your wedding, and this can give you an extra time to catch up. You can also hear about what everyone enjoyed most about your wedding.

The day after your wedding is a special time, and everyone will still be abuzz with excitement. With a less formal gathering, you can have a smaller guest list, but don’t feel like you can’t invite everyone!

Wedding celebrations that are spread over a few days have been a big celebrity wedding trend for a while, and it’s no surprise that it’s a wedding trend that we expect to grow. If you’re getting everyone together for a morning after brunch, get in touch to find out how we can help!