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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in renting charger plates for my wedding. How do I go about renting from you?
First you need to reserve them. We have a large inventory of charger plates in all four colors, but to make sure they are available for your date, we must have a reservation order with a non-refundable deposit to confirm it. A 3-month advance reservation is recommended. During peak wedding season, May through October, it is imperative that you place your order in advance. However, if you have decided at the last minute that you need charger plates, you should still contact us to check for availability, as we periodically have cancellations.

What methods of payment do you accept?
You may pay by check, cash (in person), credit card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal or by money order. Checks and money orders can be mailed and should be made payable to Bella Event Services. If you would like to pay by credit card or PayPal, let us know and we will email you an electronic invoice with a link for credit card payment.

Can I come pick up my charger plates to save on the delivery fee?
Yes, you can pick up your charger plates two days before your event and return them by the following Monday. Also, make sure that the charger plates are in the venue before the staff place the silverware and glassware on the tables, as these need to be placed around the charger plates. The venue usually sets up the tables the day before if no event is held prior your event.

How much do you charge for delivery?
The delivery and pick up cost is based upon the distance traveled (from our location in Costa Mesa) and not the amount of your order.

For round trip service within 10 miles of our location the fee will be $30; 11 – 15 miles $35; 16 – 20 miles $45; 21 – 25 miles $55; 26 to 30 $65; 31 to 35 $75; 36 to 40 $85; 41 to 50 $100.

For any distance greater than 50 miles, please contact us for quote. Our delivery fees cover loading and unloading, staff driving time, gasoline, mileage, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and other related costs. Also remember, that for any given distance we are actually driving four times the number of miles (back and forth both ways) for delivery and pickup.

Our delivery service is a major convenience to you. During the last days before your wedding or event there are a lot of details that may require your attention, and picking up rentals can add to your stress. Also, you will be exhausted after your wedding, and returning rentals on time could prove daunting. We will deliver at least the day before to your wedding venue and pick up that same night or the next day.

Do you offer shipping?
No. Charger plates tend to break when in transit and shipping is expensive since the plates are heavy — about half a pound each. Plus, round trip shipping would be very costly.

Can I come see the charger plates before placing my order?
Yes. Our business is home-based and we have a dedicated area with studio and office. We are in and out for errands, so advance notice of  your visit is required. Please call us first if you plan to visit so we can set up a time.

Do you offer square or glass charger plates for rental?
No. All of our charger plates are round and are of an acrylic material.

How would you describe your charger plates?
Most charger plates are somewhat standard in how they are made and look. Charger plates are acrylic-based with a lacquered (glossy) coat that gives them a nice shine. Our silver and gold charger plates feature a brushed like surface; our red and black charger plates are a nice solid paint. Each is colored on the top and black on the bottom.

What are the dimensions of your charger plates, and how many sit on a table?
The charger plate is 13 inches in diameter. An average dinner plate is about 11 inches in diameter.

Since chargers are much larger than dinner plates and take up more space on the table, the place setting count should be adjusted accordingly. Some customary items may need to be removed from the place setting to create a more comfortable dinning experience. For instance, coffee cups are not used until the desert/cake is served. So you may specially request that cups be not be brought out until then. Also there is usually 3 different wine glasses placed on a table: water, drink and wine. Perhaps one of them can be omitted or combined with the use of a second glass. The same should be done with extra silverware. See place settings diagram.

Most venues place 10 settings on a 60” round table, so when using charger plates, it is recommended that 8 place settings be set instead. A 72” round table that usually places 12 guests should be reduced to 10 guests.

Are there any other fees involved?
Besides the rental cost, we may add a 10% security deposit fee to cover replacement cost of some missing or damaged charger plates. If no damages occur, then the security deposit will be returned two weeks after we receive the charger plates. If  damages exceed security deposit, we will bill you afterwards. Usually this is added to orders of 200 or more, since the likelihood of missing/damaged charger plates increases. The damages can include cracked or broken plates, or discoloration, as can occur if the plates are exposed to heat. (See below.)

cracked charger plate

Cracked charger plate

burnt charger plate

Burnt charger plate








I have seen charger plates for sale; why should I consider renting them?

Before you consider buying your own charger plates, you should first decide what you will be doing with a mountain of charger plates sitting at home, taking up space, and stressing you out. (On top of all the leftover and presents you may have to deal with.) Sure, you could resell them, but by the time you find a buyer and get some money back, you will still end up paying about $1 out of your pocket for each charger. After all the planning and stress of putting together a wedding, selling used or leftover items could be the most burdensome event of your life. Why not make it easy and memorable instead?

A wedding is a very expensive event, so the money you can save here and there could easily go toward other things — like that big honeymoon.

Also, chargers do tend to get dirty (food spills, butter, etc) and need to be hand washed and cloth dried right away. That is not something you want to be doing on your wedding night. We take care of that for you.

Charger plates are usually sold in boxes of 4, so you will have dozens of boxes sitting around. All those boxes can be very cumbersome to carry as well, and you will probably have to drive around to several stores to gather all of the charger plates you need. Conversely, our charger plates are stored in easy to carry and stackable plastic boxes in counts of 35.

Do you offer any discounts?
Our rental cost is very competitive and our price is firm. However, for bulk charger plate rental (350+) or when your order also includes other accessories such as tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, etc, we may extend a 10% discount.