For The Finishing Touch...

Chair Caps & Sleeves

Black and white damask is a classic and popular print in wedding themes and décor. Our damask chair caps provide add an elegant finishing touch to the table without overwhelming the rest of the table or competing with the wedding theme. Chair caps can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, sashes to transform the look of the banquet chair and that of  the entire reception room.

Our chair caps are made of a sturdy taffeta material that retains its square shape even when placed on a round back chair. In this way, it transforms the look of the chair and the entire reception area.

Black and white damask chair caps provide an elegant finished look to the chair without competing with the design of the rest of the table.

Here, damask chair caps are paired with a shimmering red satin table runner, bringing a luxurious feel to the entire table.

Black and white damask chair caps pair beautifully with dark burgundy satin sashes and a matching table runner.  

Specialty Linens

Bella Event Service also offers a complete line of specialty linens, including beautiful damasks, contemporary prints, delicate laces and stunning  satins to further enhance your table setting and impress your guests.

Sweethearts Table, elegantly appointed with a delicate lace tablecloth and fuchsia chair sashes.

This gorgeous eggplant colored tablecloth catches almost as much attention as the cake.