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Morning After Brunch

Many couples are adding an extra party to their wedding – a Morning After Brunch. This is another great time to get your family together.

These parties are perfect for getting some extra photos of your family while they’re all together. It’s also a nice way for you and your new husband to enjoy being husband and wife in the company of those closest to you.

You might not have had a chance to say hello to everyone during your wedding, and this can give you an extra time to catch up. You can also hear about what everyone enjoyed most about your wedding.

The day after your wedding is a special time, and everyone will still be abuzz with excitement. With a less formal gathering, you can have a smaller guest list, but don’t feel like you can’t invite everyone!

Wedding celebrations that are spread over a few days have been a big celebrity wedding trend for a while, and it’s no surprise that it’s a wedding trend that we expect to grow. If you’re getting everyone together for a morning after brunch, get in touch to find out how we can help!

Black Tie Décor

At Bella Event Services, we provide all the finishing touches you need to make your reception venue look really spectacular. This includes chair covers, sashes, table linens, and charger plates. These are the details that your guests might not think of, but they’ll certainly notice if they aren’t there.

When you have a black tie event, whether it’s your wedding or a special party, your guests will have put a lot of effort into making themselves look great. With women in their finest gowns and men in tuxedos, you want your venue to be ready for that level of attire.

Taking a look at last night’s Oscar parties, with all the celebrities in top designs, it would just look wrong for them to go into a room full of stacking chairs. You couldn’t imagine them sitting at uncovered tables, could you?

Jennifer Anniston plans low key wedding

It seems that Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux, could be getting married as early as this month. The couple are finalizing their wedding plans, and might be getting married shortly after Jennifer finishes shooting on an upcoming film next week.

The details of the couple’s wedding haven’t been made public, but they are planning something low-key. This is a significant departure from Jennifer’s first wedding. When the actress married Brad Pitt in 2000, the budget was a reported $1 million.

This wedding is likely to be small, with an intimate guest list of their closest friends and family. Jennifer and Justin have taken care of some of the final preparations, including choosing her gown and designing their rings. Jennifer is also set to take Justin’s last name, though will still do professional work under Aniston.

We expect that Jennifer and Justin will opt for a California wedding with a relaxed edge, but still very classy. Whether they opt for a theme or not, we’re sure they’ll have a beautifully decorated reception right down to the details.

If you’re planning a California wedding, get in touch with us to find out how we can add the final touches to your reception. From seat covers to chargers, we specialize in the details that can make a good wedding great.

Wedding Budgets Increasing

For the second year in a row, wedding budgets increased in 2012 according to the Real Weddings Study, published by and The survey of over 17,500 brides who were married in 2012 showed that the average price of a wedding has increased to $28,427. Here in Orange County, the average is higher. Ranking as the 12th most expensive place to get married, the average Orange County wedding costs $33,848. San Diego shares the ranking with a slightly higher average price tag of $34,136. Los Angeles comes in at 11th with an average wedding budget of $35,308.

With such big budgets, brides are working harder to create a special experience for themselves and their guests. This includes paying more attention to things like the reception decor. Rather than letting things come together willy-nilly, brides are tying items like chair covers and sashes into their themes and wedding colors. These small touches are a great way to make one’s wedding look great without taking up much of a budget. Whether your wedding will be at, below, or above the average budget, Bella Events Services offer plenty of finishing touches for your big day. Give us a call to find out what we can bring to your reception.